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Career Opportunities

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We offer opportunities and programs for Electrical & Mechatronics Apprenticeship Programs, High Voltage Teams, Blueprint Reading, Job Layout, Field Management, & Project Management.  The Van Haren Way is to develop and give opportunities for advancement within our walls prior to recruiting from the outside.  Join the team with endless opportunity.

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  • 401k Match

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  • Merit-based Pay

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A qualified Candidate will be looking for a Career, not a Job.

A successful apprentice will learn on the job and in a classroom.  The apprentice needs to learn the trade while being a productive member of the team by contributing to the success of the job.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Anticipate what will be needed and take initiative – don’t always wait to be told what to do
  • Work hard – but think; engage the body and mind
  • Work with a limited amount of direction
  • Be willing and able to ask questions if you are not sure what to do or the directions are not clear
  • Find ways to be productive while you wait for further instruction or are unsure what else to do (if all else fails sweep, clean up, organize, etc.)
  • Maintain safe working practices (if unsure of these – ask; If you feel unsafe – say so)
  • Report unsafe work environments or practices to your supervisor
  • Set goals each day and challenge yourself to improve

In this role you will:

  • Participate in a Department of Labor approved Apprenticeship program consisting of on the job training and college courses and work towards obtaining your Journeyman’s license.
  • Install conduit, wire, Romex and devices according to blueprints and shop drawings.
  • Understand electrical theory and learn the electrical code.
  • Install site and temporary lighting as well as fixtures.
  • Work with control wiring, transformers, and equipment connections
  • Learn how to install fire and security alarms.
  • As you gain experience, you will be expected to take on more responsibility by completing tasks with less direction and supervision – to apply what you have learned. You will be asked to plan and organize your own work and may eventually begin to train and supervise others.

Upon successful completion of four years in the trade, apprenticeship schooling, and the required examination, journeyman status is obtained.


Additional Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have appropriate hand tools for the job (see tool list)
  • Have dependable transportation to get to and between jobsites during the day
  • Some travel may be required – we go where the work is, sometimes traveling 1-2 hours or further to get to a job
  • Enroll in and successfully complete electrical apprenticeship classes
  • Physical fitness and strength – ability to frequently carry at least 75 pounds of conduit and/or work materials.
  • Able to work comfortably at heights – ladders, scissors lifts, etc.
  • Have a high school education or GED
  • Ability to see and identify colors; read signage; read and follow blueprints, mechanical drawings and written instructions; and hear job-related communication in loud environment
  • Appearance appropriate for job site (no offensive exposed tattoos or clothing)

Physical Demands:

This position requires significant physical fitness, strength and hand strength including the ability to lift and move at least 75 pounds multiple times per day and operate the tools associated with the job.  The candidate needs to be able to balance, stoop and bend, often working and lifting overhead. You will at times need to carry bulky, difficult to balance loads such as large ladders and large conduit, often up multiple flights of stairs or ladders.  You are sometimes required to perform strenuous manual labor such as digging with pick ax and shovel.  Significant hand strength is required, with twisting, gripping and sometimes repetitive motions, using tools such as screwdrivers, hand cutters and pliers.  The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

Work Environment:

This position often requires work under difficult conditions including but not limited to:  rugged environment (construction sites, outdoors in various types of weather, mechanical rooms, ovens, freezers, meat processing, sewage treatment and other plants), repetitious and at times menial work (digging, sweeping, installing light fixtures or electrical outlets), restrictive environments per customer requirements (for example: no smoking or tobacco products).  You often need to work at heights, sometimes 25 feet or more, and on various types of ladders and lifts.  The nature of construction jobsites and industrial plants is inherently dangerous and safety rules need to be learned and followed. The position requires working with multiple supervisors (moving from job to job or task to task) under various conditions.

While the physical requirements are demanding, this is a field with many positives.  The work involves much variety, in type of work, locations and supervisors.  This is a highly skilled field with many interesting challenges, room for advancement and tangible results.  You spend most of your time in physical activity, often outdoors and working in a team environment.  For those who are suited to this work, it is an exciting and fulfilling career.

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Commitment Through Quality

Van Haren Electric is a committed team of professionals dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations through superior value-added service and  outstanding workmanship. We conduct business ethically and with integrity — delivering work on time and on budget — every time. Keeping an eye on what’s next in the field, whether it the latest in installations or new safety measures, our commitment to quality through thoughtful planning runs  throughout the entire organization and is a shared responsibility of every person in the company. By working together with productivity at the highest level,  our craftsmen and employees provide exceptional quality workmanship and service, while minimizing cost and waste.

Intentionally, our company becomes  better by continuous improvement, which is more important to us than becoming bigger. As a trusted electrical contractor, we find much more satisfaction in completing our projects with excellence than by being the largest or the fastest. We’re convinced that this steadfast commitment and strongly held values of integrity and ethical field practices will amply reward our team and customers alike.

Culture & Work Environment

With only 65 employees, our team feels more like an extended family making it really easy to know everyone you work with.

Several times a year, we come together as a whole company to learn, grow, and share. Whether it be to receive training or just hang out at a Whitecaps game, go bowling or feast on some great barbeque and yard games at a local park, we often plan events to engage our team and their families to enjoy each other’s company.

As a result of the close relationships and culture we have fostered, our journeymen have worked for Van Haren an average of 15 years. Our business success and the longevity of our staff is the direct result of building a highly dedicated team with extensive industry experience who appreciate growing throughout a career while being committed to working together.

Training & Development

Van Haren Electric invests in our people. We offer skills training, development and advancement for every job title in our company. We have a Department of Labor Electrical Apprenticeship and Mechatronics Apprenticeship programs which partner with local college and universities to provide classroom instruction in addition to on the job training. The full cost of tuition, books and a portion of your tool costs are financed by Van Haren.

Our mission is to continually develop talent from within as employees express an interest or we see expertise develop. Twice annually, we track apprenticeship skills and exposure. Weekly, we hand place individuals on teams and job sites to ensure they get experience in all disciplines of the trade. Throughout the entire 4 years of apprenticeship, our management team works to ensure when the time comes to take the journeyman exam, they have the skills and abilities to make the grade.

Upon completion of the journeymen’s exam, we work together to determine the interests and goals of our staff and support their career development plan as they grow with Van Haren. Some journeyman love the independence and problems solving of our service department; some, the challenge of building something from the ground up; some, the management skills required to run a project big or small. We work with everyone to find their place in our company in which they feel both comfortable and challenged.

Our doors are open — we are simply waiting for you to walk in. As a small to mid-sized company, we have tremendous depth of experience and commitment by our management team to empower anyone who works at Van Haren Electric to thrive as an integral part of our company. We hope to do the same for you.

Community-Based Work & Volunteerism

If you like the idea of working where you live and a lifestyle of less travel Van Haren may be a perfect fit. 95% of the work that we do is within is within 60 miles of Grand Rapids. Because we work where we live we are committed to the neighborhoods around us. We volunteer our time and money to local organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Charities, Gilda’s Club that transform our communities by the work that they do.