The employees of Van Haren Electric are the company’s most valuable resource and therefore we are dedicated to creating and supporting a culture that makes safety the priority in all facets of our work.

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Safety orientation

New hires complete a thorough safety orientation before they ever set foot on the jobsite. Sharing our safety philosophy and learning about the hazards associated with construction is our first order of business.

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work place for all our employees through education, training and the establishment of rules and procedures, jobsite inspections, safety metrics and other programs throughout our company.

Safety Metrics

To ensure that safety is on the forefront of our field leader’s minds we require that some type of safety education occurs on every jobsite each week.  Whether it be a Toolbox Talk, Job Hazard Analysis or an Onsite or Vehicle Safety Inspection, each safety metric event is tracked, and overall performance is tied to evaluations, raises and bonuses.  This is our way of ensuring that we are constantly discussing and learning about the importance of safety companywide.

Jobsite Safety Inspections

Partnering with knowledgeable safety consultants to perform regular jobsite safety inspections on our project sites is part of our commitment to bringing everyone home safe each day.  As part of the inspection process, these experienced consultants work with our field leadership and Project Managers to educate and reinforce the OSHA and MIOSHA standards.

Tools & Equipment

Van Haren inspects our tools and equipment on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order.  There is a strict process in place for tagging and removing all equipment that is broken or damaged, so it will not be used on the jobsite. We are constantly looking for better ways and new equipment that will  keep our employees safe, meet all OSHA/MIOSHA standards and assist the company in working efficiently.

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